Photographer Guillaume Simoneau exhibits at la Place des Arts

(starting this 29 of March at la Place des Arts, 1600 St-Urbain)

Guillaume seems to control natural light at his will; and in this sense he shed light on the subjects that interest him. Might it be an awkward object or a compelling character we are able to discover its humanity.

One of the things I love about Guillaume’s images is that most of the action seems to happen in the characters heads, we see them thinking and feeling, they seem to be wrapped in their world while they unravel inside.

With a great array of topics is his treatment of social issues and his sensibility that are the most touching and memorable.

This is what Guillaume has to say about his work and this new exhibition:

On his style:

I would describe my styles as Post-documentary with an incline for substance.

On the exhibition:

For the ARTV studio exhibition I’m presenting work taken with a large format camera, half way between my commercial and my personal work.

 On his passion for photography:

Photography arrived to my life trough a life-changing accident while I was in college (CEGEP). I was running late for my class and I collided with a girl that was going the opposite way. She was going out of the dark room with her material and I ended up soaked in developing chemicals. We ended up having a short conversation on photography and my life changed.

What makes me be passionate about photography is its narrative power, linear or not, of a group of images; using photography as a mean of communication, for dialogue and argumentation.