Standard options.

I have 3 different formats that I think suit my work very well. I also explain the materials that I like to use to print my images. I can assure you that I work with one of the best labs in Canada and the materials are top quality to insure durability and the best appreciation of the work.

The first material, Arches Paper, is a thick sheet with a lot of cotton concentration and with the characteristics of an artisanal watercolor paper.

The second material I use to print is canvas. Canvas is the fabric used by painters and is the perfect material to accentuate the painterly texture of my images.

Formats and Prices

Small format (9″ x 14″) available in Arches paper: 250 dlls

Medium format (16″ x 24″) available in Arches paper: 400 dlls

Big format (100 x 67 cm) available in Arches and Canvas: 1250 dlls

*These prices don’t include shipping.

Payment Plans

Paying all in one shot is not easy for everybody, but I’m committed to making my work accessible in everyway, conceptually and economically. So in that spirit I have come up with an affordable paying plan.

You can pay any of the formats during the course of a year, once per month. So that is 12 payments. We can do this trough Paypal and a simple contract signature is required.

Small format: 21 dlls per month (252 dlls in total)

Medium format: 34 dlls per month (408 dlls in total)

Big format: 105 dlls per month (1250 dlls in total)