I’m Damian Siqueiros, photographer and visual artist. Even though I consider myself a citizen of the world, amazed by diversity of culture, thought and art, I was born in the North-west of Mexico and I’m currently living in Montreal.

My first mission as an artist is being human-e by incorporating into my images, artistic or editorial, a sense of social conscience that betters our life and our social environment.

I feel particularly invested in the search for Beauty.  Not the one that is shallow, or the narrow concept of beauty proposed by media. I search for a deeper sense, the one that embraces the transformative power art to change our surroundings, or our appreciation of it. I wield this power to achieve a positive and harmonious view of the world in order to share it with my public. I try to use a concept of beauty that is dynamic, evolving and non-judgmental.

One of the goals of my work is to expose the constructed and performative character of identity. In plain words to make evident the social, educational, cultural and economic structures on which individuals form their identity. I’m interested on how the identities of people evolve and how they perform on their environment.

The point is not to judge these boundaries or structures, which are often disguised as tradition or morality, but the intent is to make the public have conscience of them. Within the topic of identity, and in general in my work, gender equality and gender diversity are especially meaningful.

In the last years of my career I’ve won several grants and prizes such as the Public’s choice Scotia Bank Prize 2010 in Montreal’s Art Souterrain. I’ve exhibited my images in museum and galleries in Mexico, Spain, Paris, New York (The Gabarron Foundation), Washington D.C. (Art Museum of the Americas), and Canada.

I’ve also had the privilege of collaborating with international magazines and amazing clients such as Vogue Mexico, Elle, Esquire, Porrua and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens of Montreal.

Some of the best moments of my career have been determined by the collaborations I’ve done with very talented people that I look up to, some of them I can call my friends. I specially cherish working with choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Canadian icon Margie Gillis.