Death, rape, rapture, abduction are concepts that could embody a society that has been deprived from Art. Time and time we’ve seen from conservative governments the tendency to make of art and culture the first victim of budgetary cuts without taking into consideration what they can do for their constituents.

This project aims to make the public understand that Art and culture are key for people to have transcendental experiences. They help us see the reality around us in different perspectives; they take us to other realms above our own human condition.

Since appropriation or postproduction as Bourriaud calls it, is embedded in the conceptual base and formal resolution of Damián Siqueiros’s work; he chose for “The rape of culture” to take iconic themes from Art History; stories that have been some of its essential plots and themes, whether they are from fine art or performance art. These stories represent some of the ideas that art has used to confront individuals and communities, artists and public to find meaning within images that depict tragedies in which the protagonists are deprived from any sense of support or life.

The rape of culture makes place to allow all arts to be referenced and represented in some way. Although it gives a preference to painting and to dance, therefore all the models are dancers. There are four stories and two pictures from every story. And there are two extra pictures based on the work of the choreography Toki of Ushio Amagatsu, and the work of Marie Chouinard.